#3Things in Digital Marketing News - 08/06/13

In an attempt to revive my sadly neglected blog, I'll be using this platform to share three timely tidbits, or #3Things,  from my online travels that piqued my interest in relation to digital marketing, social media, technology and innovation.  Enjoy!

1. Kickstarter Launches in Canada (from Mashable)

I've always loved Kickstarter as a stellar example of how crowdsourcing and social media have been used to totally disrupt the venture capital space.  Some amazing ideas have been brought to market and have thrived as a result of the reach and Kickstarter's platform, and hopefully this will give Canadian start-ups a new tool to launch their products and services in Canada and worldwide.

2. Facebook to stop supporting Adobe Flash in desktop News Feed ad campaigns (from Inside Facebook)

We know Facebook is mobile-first, and that they are trying to simplify their Ads offering, and this latest move supports both of those strategies. (It also makes me wonder if this move is in preparation for a bigger announcement about rumored video ads on Facebook).

3. Digital Marketers on Twitter: What They Share, Whom They Retweet (from MarketingProfs)

Pretty self explanatory.  Loved this research from Leadtail and NetBase as another datapoint for identifying the top online influencers in the digital marketing world. Congrats to Jeremiah Owyang for being the 2nd most commonly retweeted person, second only to Barack Obama. That's quite an accomplishment!

What news bites made your #3Things today?