Talking Facebook Data at Social Commerce Strategies

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be presenting at the premiere social commerce conference, Social Commerce Strategies, taking place in San Francisco March 31-April 2.

My presentation will be Striking Gold: Mining Social Data for Value .

Social Media Data Analysis and Exploration

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Facebook offers brands access to an enormous amount of data about their Fans, friends of Fans and other in-network prospects.Add to this the enormous trove of valuable data that can be accessed via the Open Graph platform, and your marketing team can be easily overwhelmed with more noise than signal. What data is actionable? How can marketers use this data to better inform their communications strategy and improve acquisition efficiency?

This presentation will help you to navigate the different types of Facebook data at your disposal, as well as some replicable examples of how to uncover data that will lead to winning results.

The presentation will explore:

  • Facebook Insights - More than Just a Like:The Facebook Page data you should be looking at.
  • Facebook & Web Analytics: Understanding Facebook-referred traffic, and how to maximize its value.
  • Permissions & Open Graph Data:The treasure trove of social data, and examples of how to monetize it.

Will you be attending SCS or be in the Bay Area that week?  If so, let's touch base!